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Client Comments / Professional References

“…a kind and considerate counselor, much better than the one I saw with a phd and no natural counseling ability, Deborah is a natural counselor in comparison. I would like to go back but I live far away now.” 2019

“I feel so much stronger now than I have in a very long time and that is all thanks to you. I can’t say enough how you have helped me .. I am so grateful…”  


“… She is non-judgmental and understanding, which makes it safe for us who have gone through difficult stresses or have been traumatized, to open up and share. I couldn’t have picked a warmer, smarter, or more real person to walk with me through my journey.”                  

… Janice

“Deborah’s unique personality, professional skills, insights, and intuitive assessments predispose her to working with trauma, women’s issues, and midlife transitions. Because of my own problems in those areas, as well as having polio as a child, in my view there is a great need for Deborah’s somatic focus working with trauma, and childhood trauma, stress, and anxiety.

As previously mentioned, regarding my experience with polio, in consultation with Deborah, I’ve become aware that the physical pain I’ve experienced many years may be somatic in nature; related to hospitalization, isolation and invasive procedures at ages 3 to 5. I understand also that trauma accumulates over long periods, and likewise takes time – I’m on the way …    

I highly recommend others to pursue this avenue of treatment.”     


“I just felt that Deborah’s style of therapy was right for me, that she understood. Important relationships were falling away. I was afraid of being alone and responsible for my own life. I identified with who I am and discovered my strengths and resources. I rediscovered what I want and how I wish to relate. I learned skills to manage stress and to heal old wounds.”    

…   CM

“Deborah encouraged me to very deeply experience connection in my body and allow my own system to guide me to healing. It was with pure amazement that when I openly, without trying to control it, allowed creative imagery, a very troubling anxiety sensation I had for years, left and did not return! It has been a year and a half.    

… DM

“Deborah has been a valued employee … working with male and female high-risk, hard to work with clients. She has a true passion for helping others and a genuine passion in the field of Trauma Therapy. ”



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… thank you for everything that you did to help me! I really miss coming to see you every week. My anxietiy and depression is much better now. My year is off to a terrific start, so thank you!”    

… BC

“It works, I am happy to say! I had an accident that triggered childhood sexual abuse that I had counselling for about 15 years ago, but it came up again. Deborah explained why this happens. The accident therapy was great. The sexual abuse part took longer. I am happier and freer. I learned helpful techniques, and still check in with for occasional therapy.”    


“The anxiety of people and public places (you called it Agoraphobia and Social Phobia) has changed. I’ve been in public, shopping and meeting friends, even talking to strangers, without the urge to get the hell out of there. I practiced mindfulness and exposure exercises until I could calmly go to the places that previously scared me. I think the biggest change was actually deciding to go for counselling and calling you that day.”    


(Clients very frequently say they feel calmer once they resolved to get help, and especially when they make the initial appointment. Some come into the first session as if nothing is amiss. That is evidence of the critical role of support. As human mammals we are hard-wired for, and thrive in supportive connection) 

“I have a lifetime of trauma from childhood abuse. I have been for a lot of counselling and many therapies over 30 years which were helpful, for awhile. Then over times, pain would sneak back again, because the trauma was in my body. I was nervous, jumpy, compulsive, depressed, had nightmares, and fears of just about everything. I was afraid of life! I started Somatic Therapy 2 years ago. Because I had many sessions, Deborah reduced my rate. She says it can take time because my nervous system has likely been imprinted with the traumas that happened in early years while I was developing and have been with me all this time. 

I am calmer and can relax. I sleep much better and when anxious situations happen, I use the exercises on my own. I still need help overcoming feelings of shame and low worth, that she says is another part of the trauma, but I need therapy far less often now.”

Deborah Pearce Counselling

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Somatic Trauma Therapist
250.878.9503  dapearcews@gmail.com

What People Say

“… I believe her long people oriented career and professional characteristics, such as dedication, hard work, flexibility, listening skills, and other interpersonal abilities lend greatly to her chosen field of practice.

The history of studies in Deborah’s life has been continuous through many years; this has not only given her educational prowess but also the experience of walking out her learning in life and making her knowledge relevant. I believe that Deborah’s own healing journey in relationship to her studies makes her authentic and compassionate for those who would choose her for counselling.”     Long time Friend … Pamela


“Throughout her studies, Ms. Pearce demonstrated superior knowledge and skills in the core competencies in the practice of professional counselling. She was articulate and clear in her written work and exhibited ‘best practice’ principles and strategies in her counselling practicums. Accordingly, she maintained a GPA of 4 during her studies.”   … B.B.   MA

“I am in awe! One of the best papers I have ever read! Integration of Neurobiology and Ancient Wisdom is a growing field … and you are right there! This paper is fantastic Deborah!
      … W.A. Campbell  RCC


“Deborah has a genuine interest in helping people to become self reliant and empowered. Her respectful manner, professionalism and skills help to put people at ease quickly … Her excellent sense of humour and integrity seems to make her a great fit for the field of counselling as well as an asset to any organization .”     … D.W.    MAC BSW RSW

Did you know?
The transformative appeal of personal growth and conscious development through therapy is charismatic in friendships as well as intimate relationships. Women especially find the concept of their partners’ personal growth very attractive !

For Information and Appointments Call Deborah at

Deborah Pearce Counselling professional office located in downtown Kelowna. Online video sessions available via VSee, PIPA security approved, or your choice – ie. Skype, etc.

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“Daring to face my past, I felt the nurturing safety of Deborah’s acceptance and non-threatening expertise in therapy.”   … JM