Sexual Abuse Therapy

Trauma and Sexual Abuse Therapy

Deeply devastating, it may seem that the violation will never never go away as trauma responses wreak havoc.  

How Sexual Trauma Shows up: 

Symptoms may include, a deep sense of helplessness, shame and guilt; broken boundaries – personal, emotional, and sexual; shock to internal organs; isolation, feeling disconnected from self, others, and environment; overwhelming rage, hate, terror; feeling ‘frozen’, or shut down. Does this sound familiar?

Proven Effective, Somatic Experiencing is gentle and effective sexual abuse therapy working with the body’s nervous systems where trauma gets lodged, regardless of when the trauma occurred. Clients experience:

    • Personal Empowerment and Control; Reconnection with Self
    • Freedom from crippling thoughts and body-held shame sensations.
    • ‘Unlocking’ of internal shock, physical/somatic symptoms results in restored organization of body nerves, tissues and organs. In some cases reproductive function has been restored in women sexually abused as children .
    • Thoughts and memories of traumatizing events and perpetrators, begin to seem very ‘far away’ and even difficult to recall, or may be recalled without pain.
    • Increased ability for healthy connection with others 
    • Releases from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, etc. Anxiety and rage relax into peace and safety, transforming into determined life affirming action
    • Increased Vitality to engage in life
    • Self Regulation techniques are lifelong tools to help reduce and release trauma responses

All sexual trauma is about violation, causing many consequences due to effects lodged in the nervous system. The obvious violations of sexual abuse, molestation and assault linger deeply, requiring gentle processing in sexual abuse therapy. 

Other sexual traumas can tend to be overlooked. For example:

    • A developing youth whose parent shames them about sexual development, instead of encouraging.
    • Unhealthy ‘morals’ of family, school, church, or society
    • Lack of healthy morals and appropriate conduct 
    • Inappropriate, or absence of personal and sexual boundaries
    • Gynecological procedures, performed insensitively or roughly can cause shock to vital organs equal to that of assault.
    • Surgeries and abortions can result in diminished sexual capacity, loss of vitality and trauma symptoms.

Healing The Sacred Wound

Talk Therapy (Counselling) is important in developing safety and trust. Talk alone however, cannot and does not heal the trauma of sexual abuse in therapy.  It is estimated by experts in the field that 80% of counselling clients continue with unresolved issues because of memory held in the body and not addressed from a body perspective.

Somatic Trauma Therapy is a Body Psychology scientifically designed, based on the natural completion of trauma. It opens individuals to access their own healing through the nervous system.  

‘Sexuality’ is far more than the sexual act.  Frequently overlooked is that our sexuality is one with who we are; with our inherent life force energy; positive, exuberant and creative. Therefore, unwanted sexual interference seriously violates the sacred essence of self.

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Gently Arise. The Creation of Your New Experience Awaits You.

Deborah Pearce Counselling

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Somatic Trauma Therapist

“non-judgmental and understanding … safe for us who have gone through difficult stresses or have been traumatized, to open up … I couldn’t have picked a warmer, smarter, or more real person to walk with me through my journey.”
… Janice

Sexual Abuse

Deborah Pearce Counselling professional office is located in downtown Kelowna. Online Video Sessions are available via VSee, PIPA security approved, or your choice – ie. Skype, etc. Phone Sessions may also be arranged.

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Somatic Trauma Therapy

Resolving Trauma starts in safe professional connection.

Deborah provides an atmosphere of supportive acceptance in which to explore your concerns, your history and what you wish to achieve. Using your strengths and resources, then internal resources are expanded, working together at every step. 

Through various techniques clients develop connection and resources within their nervous systems, enabling better access to regulated states and creating experiences they most wish to have. The Somatic Experience in sexual abuse therapy builds skills and strength to access and transform deep trauma.


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