Midlife Transitions

Midlife Transitions & the Demands of a Longer Lifespan

“Life hasn’t gone as planned …”

Known as  innovators for over 50 years, Boomers must manage a longer aging period with more challenges. Many must work longer. Typical concerns in the Transition of Midlife to Old Age relate to health, finances, lifestyle, purpose, fading youth,  and quality of life. 

This Life Stage has changed. Needs are seriously overlooked.

Midlife for many, arrives with sudden startling realizations …

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Life was supposed to get easier…” 

    • Retirement security seems wobbly? vanished?
    • Are you disappointed? feel betrayed? frustrated?
    • You find yourself alone and lonely? not how you had it pictured.
    • Looking in the mirror, you wonder, “How did I get here?
    • Are you overwhelmed by  circumstances that seem forced on you? 
    • At this stage is higher incidence of those we care for dying
    • Kids are gone or leaving home. You feel lost. 
    • Health issues arise to complicate life even more. 
    • Stress over career, work, financial, economic uncertainties.
    • Are you approaching, or at menopause with high stress? anxiety? depression? work stress? relational breakdown? 
    • Do you feel out of control, stuck and helpless, like so many things have just imposed themselves, unbidden.    
    • The ‘Sandwich’ Years: Are you struggling with work? juggling teens and aging parents? barely hanging onto your marriage?Sacrificing social connections and personal care ?
    • Men, are you stressed over finances? embarrassed by reduced energy and sex drive? thinking that trading everything in for newer shinier models will make life better?
    • You and your spouse suddenly realize you’re strangers. The kids are gone and you don’t know how it happened? Where did the years go?

The overwhelming complexities of this stage leads to questioning the Purpose of Life …..

“Who am I, anyway?” “What’s this all about?” “What am I here for?” 

This group has been viewed as financially successful. 33% really are.   66% struggle.  10% live in poverty. No one is exempt from the midlife transition issues of health, aging, family, relational issues, etc… 

​According to Stats Canada, the highest rate of suicide is in this demographic: ages 50 to 59; followed by ages 40 – 49.

Aging happens. It can present many obstacles.

A new aging reality is entirely possible read more

Improve Your Quality of LIfe…

Humanity and the Planet need your Years, Wisdom, Care and Compassion.

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Midlife Transition
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