Integrative Approach to General Counselling

Unique, Proven Effective Therapy

Reasons for seeking counselling are many, but commonly because life is affected in some way. Your concern is valid. When we hurt, we want relief. Whether it’s the first, or tenth time seeking counselling, we want value that delivers results.

Wisdoms of Mind and Body

When we feel our worst, it can be hard to imagine we are capable.

Therapy begins with getting to know one another in an atmosphere of safety. Building trust, then information and therapy options provide criteria to make informed decisions from which to engage focused therapies.

Greater results are possible combining gentle Somatic (body) Therapies with traditional general counselling, including Mindful Embodiment, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Somatic Experiencing (SE),  Somatic Touch, Memory Re-consolidation, and Coherence Therapy, among others.

Research strongly indicates that the changes we want to make, occur in a state of calm mind, calm body. Therapies that rely on repetition of  trauma, repeating the ‘story’ over and over… are known to expand the stress even more.

Proven effective for stress, anxiety, trauma. depression, etc… Somatic Experiencing Therapy developed by Dr. Peter Levine leads the field of Trauma Therapy. Clinical research estimates that over 80% of counselling clients continue with unresolved issues because of body-held memory that remains untreated by general counselling alone.

Working with body memory as well as the mind, we are empowered through techniques that regulate emotions and body sensations. This scientifically developed therapy recognizes the natural holistic wisdom of the entire person to heal.

Results Clients Report:

Freedom from PTSD!

Freedom from crippling body-held shame sensations.

‘Unlocking’ and restored function of physical symptoms, including restored reproductive function in women sexually abused as children.

Victory with ease, over rampant merciless debilitating thoughts.

Thoughts and memories of traumatizing events and perpetrators, begin to seem very ‘far away’ and even difficult to recall, or may be recalled without pain.

Confidence and improved self esteem; Personal Identity Development

Alternatives to painful emotions and situational stress

Relief from depression and anxieties

Increased ability to make healthy decisions

Reduction and even disappearance of somatic (body) pains

Restored balance with various life tasks

Increased capacity for social interactions and relationships

Increased resiliency and personal control in difficult situations

Release into healthy vitality; life, work, activities

Ability to relax, sleep and to be quiet within

Resourcefulness to manage in creative new ways.

Increased Healthy Awareness of Self, Space, Others

Increased Balance between self, others, work, activities, self care

Awareness of body, thoughts, emotions, sensations, behaviours

Personal ‘Awakening’ through the passage of trauma to Healing

Rely on Deborah’s expertise of combined therapies supplementing general counselling to help you discover and apply New Ways to Experience Your Life.

Deborah Pearce Counselling

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Somatic Trauma Therapist

“Something is definitely happening. I feel so different – confident and secure. I don’t get bent over stressful situations. I handle them calmly!” … MC

(what clients say)

Gen Counselling

Stressed, Overwhelmed, Struggling .. ?

Concerns and Symptoms clients arrive with:

  • Anxieties, Panic, Phobias, Stress, Depression
  • Emotional Crisis involving multiple causes
  • Relationship Breakdown, Family Conflict
  • Substance Abuse and Addictions
  • Crippling Self Image
  • Loneliness, Isolation, lack of social connection
  • Fears of people, surroundings, situations, etc.
  • Finances, Career Concerns, Job Loss, Burnout
  • Workplace Stress, Discrimination, Harrassment
  • Grief and Loss – Complicated and Delayed
  • Immobilized in bed all day
  • Internet and Porn Addictions
  • Life Stage Transitions – Stress and Confusion
  • Midlife Transitions – “What’s my purpose in life? “
  • Personal Development – Identity, Independence
  • Empty Nest Syndrome – “I’m alone. What do I do?” “Who am I?” “What’s the purpose of my existence?”
  • Hospital Trauma / Surgical Procedures
  • Accident Trauma / Injury / Concussion
  • ​Painful Traumas and Elusive Somatic (Body) Symptoms due to: Various Abuses, Attack, Adult-Held Childhood Abuse and Neglect, Birth Defects, Developmental Interference, Assault, Humiliation, Shame, Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, Fibromyalgia …read more

The integration of various scientifically evolving  therapies with traditional general counselling very often provides greater relief and ‘fills in the gaps’ for those who have sought without finding sufficient helpful resource for long held problems.

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 Deborah Pearce Counselling professional office is located in downtown Kelowna. Online video sessions are available via VSee, a PIPA security approved venue, or your choice – ie. Skype, etc.