Childhood Trauma

Childhood Abuse Therapy for Adverse Childhood Experiences

Accumulating through life, Adult-Held Childhood Trauma, is also known as Developmental or Relational Trauma, Complex PTSD, Chronic Cumulative Distress, among others. These terms alone, are indicators of distresses incurred by early Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). The ACE Study’s most striking finding was that ACE’s are vastly more common than previously considered.

The accumulation of traumatic stressors  is enormous, having occurred during impressionable developmental stages, then remaining lodged in the body many years. This sensitive subject may cause difficult responses for some readers.

Do You Recognize Any of the Following?  

:: Have you repeatedly sought counselling, therapies, self help, psychiatric or medical help over many years? Yet problems continue?

:: Were you abused, neglected, or experience suffering before age three? five? up to age eight or later?

:: Were you Hospitalized? Injured? Suffer Serious Illness?

:: Your Early Home: Was there addiction? spousal battering, humiliation, conflict, threat, violence, instability? Were you in foster care?  

:: Symptoms may include: Elusive Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Panic, Startle, Depression, Numbing, Rage, Detachment, Avoidance, Nightmares, Flashbacks, Addictions, Unhealthy Attachments, Hypervigilance, Disturbed Sleep, Withdrawal, Uncontrollable Thoughts and Emotions, Sense of not belonging, Shame, Poor Esteem …among many others

 :: Physical Conditions may include: Adrenal, Thyroid, Auto-immune disorders Fibromyalgia, Digestive Problems, Chronic Fatigue,  continually shifing Elusive Disorders, numerous health problems that the medical profession seems to not understand; unable to diagnose or treat. 

:: Have you been treated by medical professionals in ways that felt demeaning? Told your symptoms were ‘psychological’, or ‘hypochondria’? Not taken seriously?

Somatic Experiencing in Childhood Abuse Therapy

Trauma held in the body wisely responds to Body Psychology … read more here 

Proven effective, leader in the field, is Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy. Trauma Neuroscience and Clinical Research estimates that over 80% of counselling clients continue untreated because talk therapy alone does not resolve nor heal trauma. 

Clients Report Various Individual Experiences:

    • Personal Empowerment and Control
    • Reconnection with Self
    • Increased ability for healthy connection with others 
    • Releases from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, etc. 
    • Relief from body symptoms
    • Restored organization of body nerves, tissues and organs
    • Rage transforms into determined life affirming action
    • Increased Vitality to engage in life
    • Self Regulation techniques to reduce release trauma responses
    • Anxiety and rage relax into peace and safety
    • Spiritual Awareness and Awakening

Enter the Great Portal that Trauma opens to, where we transform and are released. In the reality of an uncertain world, without the illusion of safety, we are faced with learning a vibrant new way of life.

Deborah Pearce Counselling

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Somatic Trauma Therapist

“I felt worthless. Now I’m reconnecting with the self I cut off because of my deep shame.” … WF

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Resolution of Trauma Responses

Resolving trauma through Childhood Abuse Therapy primarily utilizes Somatic Experience in the safe atmosphere of supportive acceptance. Together we explore your concerns, your history and what you wish to achieve. We look at your current strengths and resources, then build internally, collaborating on therapy at every step. 

Through various techniques clients develop connection and build powerful resources in the nervous system, enabling better access to regulated states and creating experiences they most wish to have. Therapy builds self control and strength enough to access and transform deep trauma …more about trauma

“To those who innocently suffered, regardless of your age now … Something I know for sure is this. Treating body and mind with Somatic Experince in Childhood Abuse Therapy facilitates greater release of painful patterns and ability to live free.”

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