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Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC)

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC)

What registration means to users of therapy services :: Commitment to excellence of treatment; standards of ethics, practice, and training. Accountable to governing bodies, registered professionals must meet association guidelines according to those set out by regulation standards. Committed professionals continually pursue treatment education and the advancement of  their profession.


FACTBC: Meeting the projected standards of the Regulated Competency Profile (Federation of Associations for Counselling Therapists in BC) moving toward regulation in BC. Regulation Across Canada

ACCT Associate Member in Good Standing BC Registered / Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada RTC / MTC (Master Therapeutic Counsellor: achievement of over 10 years with more than 5,000 direct clinical hours)

Applied  Psychology and Counselling Diploma with a GPA of 4; post graduate CPCA qualifying competency exam; profession-specific accelerated program; Pictia-accredited Kelowna College of Professional Counselling earned the highest certification for private career colleges by the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP); Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy Advanced Level 3 year program  Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Somatic Resilience and Regulation I, II – Kathy Kain, Steven Terrell  Somatic Touch Therapy I – Kathy Kain

Unravelling the Mystery of Memory in the Treatment of Trauma – Peter Levine & Diane Poole Heller //  Transgenerational Trauma

Gabor Mate’ Workshops: Feeding the Hungry Ghosts; Enderby BC; invited by the tribe grandmothers /  ADD to Addiction / Fostering Health in a Stressed Society

Laurel Parnell Attachment Focused EMDR

2014 Innovations in Trauma Conference

2020 Somatic Movement Conference

2022 Somatic Touch Refresher, Kathy Kain

2022 Sexual Healing, Ariel Giarretto

2023 Polyvagal Theory, Stephen Porges

2023 Common Roots of Poor Sleep, Tracy Harrison School of Applied Functional Medicine

Insurance Benefits Providers: Pacific Blue Cross / Green Shield / Equitable Life / SunLife & more here.

Pureland Zen Meditation & Mindfulness / Practice
of the Profoundly Ordinary with Master XhingRu of Taiwan

Deborah Pearce Counselling, Kelowna BC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor RTC MTC SEP
Somatic Trauma Therapist
250.878.9503 dapearcews@gmail.com

Life Embraced                   

…a Philosophy of Being 

“Hi, I’m Deborah, a registered counsellor and trauma therapist. I specialize in supporting people with the most difficult and painful traumatic memories.

It is entirely possible through new treatments to recreate your desired experience! Due to years of research and clinical experience among experts in the fields of trauma and psychotherapy and the connections between neuroscience and ancient wisdoms, healing is available that was never before possible. If you would like to work together, please contact me.”  

For many, personal development involves processing early life trauma, myself included. Through adversity, I reshaped my life. Hitting the wall of midlife with a thud that shook my health, career, finances, and relationships, I was challenged with reinventing my life.

The real beginning was learning to embrace all of my experience, just as it was … the beauty, the pain, and disappointments. That recognition in my evolution gently empowers me through midlife’s unavoidable transitions.

Change accelerated dramatically when I discovered Peter Levine’s model of healing, ‘Somatic Experiencing’. This is a system of retraining the nervous system to regulate – which is our natural human way-of-being default. Based on various disciplines and sciences; including neuroscience and ancient wisdom, it works firstly with the least evolved part of the nervous system, very gently supporting it to calm. Then with the system calmed, capacity is developed to then work with with trauma, stresses, anxieties, depressions, etc.      

Doing it alone makes for a lonely, difficult journey. As human mammals we are hard-wired for, and thrive in the encouraging support of others. Deeply grateful, I  highly recommend embracing your circumstances and  … reaching out for the help you need.”


‘Wabi Sabi’ – Life Embraced

Wabi Sabi relates uniquely to each person contemplating it. Relating to Japanese Zen and the tea ceremony, ‘Wabi’ translates loosely as ‘simplicity’, and ‘Sabi’ the beautiful elegance of age and wear. Known also as ‘life embraced’, the meaning transcends acceptance to the appreciation of ‘what is’, an esthetic of imperfection, change, and of the incomplete.

I love this line of a Leonard Cohen song…

“There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

Wabi Sabi may be described as the perfection in imperfection; modestly embracing self and all things, as is. It is the concept of elegance found in details overlooked, rusticity, simple living, simply being; authenticity and the unpretentious appreciative value of wear and aging.

Mindful contemplation cultivates ‘Wabi Sabi’

The experience of presence in the moment, is a primary step to gratitude and self compassion. It facilitates release from anxieties of the past and future, potentially freeing the authentic self, and leads to personal expansion and greater empowering capacity. Embodied Mindfulness Practice and Therapy supports these dynamic transitions.

In the awareness of the ‘profoundly ordinary’, it is possible to release defeating thoughts, live freer and expand into the embodiment of desired reality.

Kelowna Counsellor centrally located in beautiful downtown; minutes to the waterfront, restaurants, and various amenities.
Online video sessions (PIPA security approved) are available via VSee.

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A Little History

“After a career in Interior Design, Art and Business, I answered my lifelong inner promptings. The ‘human condition’ has always captured my attention. 

I hold great regard for East meeting West with traditions, wisdoms, philosophies, science  and technologies. With Neuroscience research findings now supporting the wisdoms of ancient traditions, I feel profoundly grateful for the global integration presently occurring. Having had the tremendous opportunity to practice with a Buddhist master for eight years starting in 2004, the benefits and scientifically proven value of Mindfulness and Meditation woven into my Kelowna counselling services, contribute immensely to effective results.

Incidentally, much of what we have learned in the past 30+ years of neuroplasticity has been due to the interest of scientists in the brains of Buddhist monks. The Dalai Lama initiated this with his invitation of  these scientific studies, which continue.

Studies in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy are an extraordinarily wonderful example of East and West, with science meeting ancient and natural wisdoms in the development of treatment that is on the leading edge of trauma neuroscience.” Healing is now possible in ways it never was before.


Looking Forward to our Times Together…
Warm Regards,
Deborah Pearce RTC MTC SEP, Kelowna Counsellor