When life feels overwhelming …

Have you arrived here feeling out of control? stuck? struggling? or concerned for someone you care about? You are not alone. Trying not to hurt, you’ve tried to fix or ignore? And realize it isn’t working. The purpose of pain is to get our attention. Through hopelessness, grief, defeat, rage, loss, loneliness… getting informed professional help is courageous; the right thing to do. In fear and pain people hold off, barely coping; often feeling relief with their first call.

Your next step is with you now, this moment. You may instinctively feel the impulse to step up to your deepest desires. Honor your instincts… It’s your time.

Expertise on Your Way to an Improved Quality of Life

Therapy Approach: Unique. Proven Effective.

Greater results are delivered combining Counselling with Mindful Embodiment techniques, aligned with the neuroscience of neuroplastic effect. According to client needs, various therapeutic approaches are used. Stress, depression, anxieties and trauma, among many sensations, are held in ‘body memory’, recognizing the wisdom of the entire person to heal the body’s nervous system as well as the mind. Clients report relief from emotional and body distresses; living more relaxed and calm, with better relational ability; release into life; resourcefulness; and personal control ….. more about Integrative Counselling

Trauma and Body Held Memory

The experiences of an adverse childhood, violence, abuse, attack, molestation, natural disaster, accidents, among many other potentially traumatic incidents, tend to feel like the pain will never end. Leading the field of Trauma Therapy, scientifically developed Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Therapy naturally and gently assists recovery. Deborah Pearce Counselling specializing in SE, effectively treats many stressors resulting from trapped survival energy in the body. Healing and skills learned in therapy are valuable your entire lifetime. Somatic Trauma Therapy treats Long and Short Term traumas ….. more about trauma therapy

Midlife Transitions

A very sad statistic according to Stats Canada, the highest rate of suicide is among the age 50 – 59 demographic, closely followed by ages 40 – 49.

Living longer lifespans challenges how to manage the now longer aging period. Known for many innovations over 50 years, Boomers are now faced with reinventing themselves in the aging process and recreating realities better suited to transcending the transitions and even reversing the aging process. Reduce stress.

Create the experience you wish to have.
Find purpose, meaning and value now …
…and through life’s later stages ….. read more

Deborah Pearce Counselling Kelowna

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Somatic Trauma Therapist
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“Deborah possesses high integrity, insight and sensitivity … Her interest in people, personal change, and integral living makes her a natural.” … P.D.

Deborah Pearce

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Deborah Pearce Counselling welcomes clients at the  office located in downtown Kelowna. Online Video Sessions are PIPA security approved. Phone Sessions may also be arranged. You may opt for a 15 minute introductory call at no charge.